Custom Cartoon Rugs,, Rugs Set

Форум как для начинающих диджеев, так и для профессионалов своего дела в данной области. Обсуждение промо сетов, лайвов. Голосования, ссылки на миксы, треклисты сетов.
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Размещайте ваши промо-миксы в личном разделе на либо указывайте ссылку на свой сет, находящийся на другом ресурсе. Вы также можете разместить свое творение на главной странице, обратившись к Администрации портала и получив ее одобрение. При размещении сета обязательно размещать треклист! Также было бы очень не плохо указать: дату и место где записан микс, направление, оборудование на котором производилось микширование и запись сета. Для удобства поиска просим Вас придерживаться следующего стандарта при оформлении заголовков постов: Dj Псевдоним - Название микса (Доп.Инфо) [Направление] (например: Dj Pepper - TeTriS (December Promo Mix) [Electro-House]). Посты не удовлетворяющие данным условиям скорее всего будут удалены.

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Custom Cartoon Rugs,, Rugs Set

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Pantherobics (The Pink Panther Show, 10/4/93) – Pink (voiced by Matt Frewer) auditions to appear on the “Beefy Barbarians” game show (a spoof of then hit, “American Gladiators”). While every other applicant, all of whom display broad chest expansions and huge bulging muscles, are chosen to compete against reigning champion Atilla, Pink is turned down with the laugh, “I’ve seen veggie platters with more meat on ‘em.” Pink insists that his brains can win over brawn any day, and that Atilla is no rocket scientist. Arilla (in an impersonation of Sylvester Stallone), densely inquires, “Hey, was that a insult?”. and molds the panther into a basketball, firing the panther out the window into a back alley, where he rebounds off the walls and scores a two-point shot into a trash can. Dan Castellanata guests as the voice of a garbage man (in the voice one will recognize as that of Krusty the Clown), who had once been the trainer of Atilla but was dumped when he became a big TV star. He longs for revenge, and savors the challenge of transforming a “pink bag of bones” into a barbarian.Rugs Set


Songs from Films: Lady and the Tramp: “Lady,” “Bella Notte,” “La La Lu” by Peggy Lee and Sonny Burke; “Home Sweet Home” (Traditional). The Shaggy Dog: Title Song by Paul J. Smith and Gil (Hazel) George. Old Yeller: Title Song by Oliver Wallace and Gil (Hazel) George.

In short, I plan to be back on Cartoon Research again in the coming weeks, with news about more events (hopefully some more Video On Demand ones for our online followers, too) and updates on various silent animation restoration projects in the works. In the meantime, I hope to see some of you at the upcoming event. One last word I’ll leave off on for now is a note about some of the difficulties faced as a result of lockdowns, regular events ceasing, and ultimately being unable to continue hosting streams for a long period.

Of course, the King manages to find a true Vaudeville-style show just down the road, starring Betty and her horse. On his way to eventually joining her on stage, he sells pretzels. Once his escape is discovered, he’s forced to go back home via a limo, holding hands with Betty who’s sitting on the running boards. What happened to her horse?
Custom Cartoon Rugs

Songs: “Kanine Krunchies Kommercial,” “Cruella De Vil,” “Dalmatian Plantation” by Mel Leven. Instrumentals: “Overture,” “A Beautiful Spring Day,” “What’s All the Hurry,” “A Perfect Situation,” “Stir Things Up,” “Don’t Worry, Perdy,” “The Puppies Are Here,” “Lucky How Marvelous,” “Not One,” “A Bloomin’ Hero,” “Ol’ Thunder Always Wins,” “Bedtime / An Evening Constitutional,” “A Job To Do,” “They’re Gone!” “Dognapped!” “Anita Darling,” “What’ll We Do? ” “All Dog Alert,” “Sergeant Tib’s Recon,” “Cat Casserole,” “Can You Leave Tonight?” “Arduous Trek,” “Any News, Colonel?” “I Want the Job Done Pulling a Snitch,” “Big Hullabaloo,” “Battling the Baduns,” “My Darlings,” “99,” “Better Be Off,” “Fire One,” “All Clear,” “Through the Snow,” “Shelter,” “I’m Hungry,” “Get Some Rest,” “Back on the Road,” “Spotted!” “Dinsford,” “Cruella,” “A Roll in the Soot,” “To the Van,” “It Can’t Be,” “Crazed,” “You Fools!” “Puppies Everywhere” by George Bruns.


Bertie is a neurotic, put-upon underdog (underbird?) prone to anxiety issues who’s just trying to struggle through life. Her bestie Tuca is a loud, proud party toucan constantly getting into trouble. The series, created by Bojack Horseman’s Lisa Hanawalt, created instant buzz upon its release in 2019 — and was then promptly cancelled, a move so baffling we can only assume Pastry Pete had some pull with the Netflix execs.

A surreal gag has Pink working out on a small suspended punching bag. The bag deflates as if only filled with air, leaving it only a few inches in diameter. Pink detaches the useless item of equipment and tosses it on the floor. From nowhere, a hen struts across the gymnasium. Mistaking the tiny sphere for an egg, she sits on the deflated bag as if to hatch it. The bag miraculously grows from the incubation to three times its original size. The chicken clucks proudly at her accomplishment to anyone who will hear her, and sticks a cigar in Pnk’s mouth in the manner of a happy new parent. Pink is also pleased at this development, and rehangs the now oversoze punching bag on the hook. As he is about to level a blow at the bag, a gloved yellow hand bursts forth from the bag, and socks Pink solidly in the jaw and to the floor. Out of the bag “hatches” a giant baby chicken in boxing gloves, who dances around happily as if he has just won a championship bout.

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