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Final Fantasy IX was a return to the roots of the Final Fantasy franchise of games after VII and VIII explored futuristic stories that were heavily character-focused and developed levels of popularity unseen in previous entries. While IX was a critical success, it developed its own following due to the more medieval and fantastic elements that made Final Fantasy a beloved property, while holding the distinction of being the highest selling entry in the series at the time of its release, with five and a half million copies.

Tales of Arise hits PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC worldwide on September 10. 

Last but not least, it was announced that there will be a web radio show for the series on Internet radio site Otoizumi. Tanmoshi Radio will start July 10, and feature Siesta (CV Saki Miyashita) and Kimizuka (CV Shin Nagai) solving cases for their clients every other Saturday.

Compile Heart announced the game earlier this year on March 8. The game will ship for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on August 26. Tamsoft is developing the game.

Nintendo announced during its Nintendo Direct E3 2021 presentation on Tuesday a new 2D game in the Metroid series titled Metroid Dread. The game will launch for the Nintendo Switch on October 8. The company streamed a trailer and a development history video.Drawstring zipper Backpack

Diy A Anime Drawstring Backpacks

Jeremy Inman is directing the English dub. Jeremy Woods is the lead ADR engineer, Victor Acosta is the assistant ADR engineer, and Gino Palencia is the mix engineer. Leah Clark is writing the script, and Jeramey Kraatz is supervisiting the script. Austin Sisk is in charge of ADR prep.


Susumu Kudo (K, Coppelion) is directing the anime at Bakken Record (Pandora to Akubi), and Rika Nezu (Saint Young Men 2013 film, live-action Kimi ni Todoke) is supervising the series scripts and writing them with Kunihiko Okada. Kano Komiyama is designing the characters, and Jun Yamaguchi is credited for production design.

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