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При добавлении афиши и пресс-релиза о предстоящем событии/вечеринке, пожалуйста, придерживайтесь некоторых правил: на афише, флаерах и прочей полиграфической продукции желательно присутствие логотипа F.L.Y.Group, заголовок сообщения должен иметь вид - [дата проведения] Название события (Клуб, Город). Не используйте только БОЛЬШИЕ БУКВЫ в названии топика, популярности это все равно ей не прибавит. Пример правильного оформления заголовка: [17.02.2007] Beautiful People (Tokyo DJ Bar, Томск). Афишу (если есть) прикрепляйте к сообщению. Также можно использовать ссылку на изображение, находящееся на другом интернет-ресурсе. Оформление самого тела сообщения произвольное. При несоблюдении данных условий сообщение о мероприятии скорее всего будет удалено.

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The Cleveland Browns wrapped up mandatory minicamp on Thursday and will be off until late July when they return for training camp. That does not mean for one second that they hype surrounding this team will die down. The feeling around Cleveland regarding the Browns is reaching high levels and with those feelings comes anticipation and pressure.


In return, people have been incredibly supportive of him, with thousands of fans ready to rock his jersey with pride once the 2021 campaign rolls around. It’s not just Raiders supporters, though. Nassib has gained so many more people in his corner regardless of the team they love cheering for.Arizona Cardinals Silk Scarf


Sanderlin shared a screenshot of his Week 8 fantasy roster, which he called "just not good." One look should tell you that "just not good" is quite an understatement. 

During his first season, Reagor was near the bottom in per-route efficiency and in the lower half of usage.Atlanta Falcons Silk Scarf

The main issue with Beasley’s stance is that COVID-19 does not merely impact him. Until enough of us are vaccinated, the potential for spread at major sporting events remains high. This puts Beasley’s teammates, and any Bills fans at home games this season, at risk.New Orleans Saints Silk Scarf

"He wants to serve his country but playing football at the highest level has been his lifelong dream," Michael De Sane, Kinley's agent, said. "And now that it's a real possibility, it is being stripped from him at the last second."Washington Redskins (Football Team) Silk Scarf

Also noteworthy: Fields didn’t huddle much at Ohio State, going no-huddle, he estimated, "90 to 95 percent of the time." Plays were signaled in from the sideline at OSU; here, he receives the call in his headset and must repeat it to the other 10 offensive players. These are the mundane essentials Fields must master before winning the job.
Personalized NFL Silk Scarves Wholesale

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