Ftth Network Design How to Define Cable Routes and Other Points

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Ftth Network Design How to Define Cable Routes and Other Points

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In the article How to prepare an FTTH project Getting Started we cover the initial steps to put together an FTTH network project: Define a coverage area Conduct a field study Set a penetration rate for your FTTH project Define the coverage area of ​​the service boxes This planning phase is essential, since it is from the project that it is possible to foresee the necessary investment, in addition to ensuring that your FTTH network is expanded in the future, both in number of subscribers and in bandwidth, in order to take advantage of the entire structure already assembled. So, if you are looking for cost efficiency in your FTTH network project, this initial step should not be overlooked. In this article, we will address other important points to help you assemble your project in the most appropriate way.

Next steps to build your FTTH network project Define fiber optic cable routes The route design of the FTTH network project is essential to avoid wastage of materials and equipment. A poorly planned route can lead to rework or signal limitation to some strategic areas. Therefore, it must be carried out in parallel with market research, technology choice, network topology and other points. For this step, it is recommended to use Google Argentina Phone Number as a tool, which provides a real view of the area. Thus, it is possible to verify the number of residences per lot of the street and the location of the poles to assemble the FTTH network project based on these images. However, it is also important to carry out the inspection in the field . Actually visiting the region and mapping the area, as later changes may have been made to the photos available for browsing on Google Street View.


The tool offers several features that facilitate the design of the FTTH network project, with icons to identify the cable route. Define the plans that will be marketed To offer your provider's internet plans, you need to structure them, planning how they can be marketed. The first step is to know your target audience well. Analyze the area where your FTTH network project will be located and gather information about the purchasing power of the people who live in that place, understand what your customers' browsing habits are and what problems they face that can be solved by service from your provider. You can do this through field research or even through social media. Based on this information, you will be able to plan each internet plan that you will offer to this audience, thinking about the format, prices and payment methods.

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